Même Morty ou Yoshi n'en sont pas capables!

Vu sur Slashdot aujourd’hui:

Thanks to GamesAreFun for the news that 17 year-old Drew Gamble has broken the Dance Dance Revolution world endurance record by continuously playing the rhythm-action arcade game for 37½ hours. According to the story: “Initially started as a joint effort with his 16 year-old friend Chris Machado at the Space Balls Arcade in the Bend River Mall [in Oregon], Gamble danced on a Dance Dance Revolution Extreme machine for twenty hours after Machado was disqualified.” A report at the Bend Bugle gives more detail, as it appears that “…around 10:30 a.m. Tuesday, 17½ hours into the effort, Machado unfortunately was talked by some in the crowd to try a faster-tempo song, and couldn’t keep his… feet hitting the right lit arrows in sequence.” Fortunately, “Gamble soldiered on by himself, sticking to the slower-tempo songs, for the slow and steady win the race.”

je te le fait avec les doigts :stuck_out_tongue:

bah ca doit donner mal au cerveau apres ca…et apres on s’étonne qu’y’en a qui deviennent épileptikz :stuck_out_tongue: