Les sources d'HL2 dans la nature

Vu sur Shacknews puis sur Nofrag, la rumeur est donc fondée: le code de Half-Life 2 a été volé à Valve et traine sur Internet…

Les liens pour en savoir plus:

[url]http://www.shacknews.com/onearticle.x/28619[/url] (anglais)
[url]http://www.nofrag.com/news/oct2003/03/8003.html[/url] (français)

ARF LOL de chez LOL de chez MEGA LOL mais alor la vraiment trop LOL quoi !!! je me fend la geule grave mes amis, bien fait pour ces cons de valves :slight_smile:

C’est clair, envoyez vos dons à : helpvalve@valvesoftware.com :lol:
J’en pleure encore de rire :rofl:

Allez on va rajouter une couche

From: Chris Newcombe <ChrisN@valvesoftware.com> Subject: Potential PR issue: I just got suckered by a social engineering a ttack Date: Sat, 27 Sep 2003

Boy do I feel like an ass…

I hope I did the right thing damage-control wise (I asked him politely
not to publish/share any of this, and he agreed).

The Friends session below started 20 seconds after I approved
‘lombardi@valvesoftware.com’ as a friend, so I assumed it was Doug.
When you see the subject the irony will kill you (or me, more likely).

> Doug says:
> hello mate
> chris says:
> Hi
> Doug says:
> http://www.halflife2.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&amp;threadid=10021 Any
thoughts on that? :slight_smile: I can’t see to get a response from anyone at the
> chris says:
> That happened to gabe - someone created an account in his name when we
reset the database. I had to reset the account password so Gabe could
use it.
> chris says:
> We had planned (and started work) on an email verification system but
it was one of the features that Rick cut when Muru left.
> chris says:
> I certainly agree that the downside is horrendous – most of the email
addresses in our database are useless or obscene or both.
> Doug says:
> Do you know if this will be sorted in the future?
> chris says:
> We do plan to address this later, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.
Right now the crippling problem is lack of bandwidth. I’ve been causing
an (unpopular) stir on that, saying that we should add peer-to-peer now
not later (as we had planned). Gabe seems to agree and wants to see an
immediate plan to do that. It’s a huge amount of work and will occupy
the team for a long time – IMO we really need it for HL-2 launch to
succeed on Steam.
> Doug says:
> So is Steam one of the major reasons Half-Life 2 was delayed? Also
will we be seeing peer-to-peer in the future?

Obviously I got totally suspicious right here. So I sent Doug an email
with the exchange so far, asking to confirm if it was him. Then VPN and
wemail died right after I sent the email, so I couldn’t check for a
response (I just found I got an out-of-office auto-reply).

So, unable to check email and fearing the worst…

chris says:
Did you get my email?
Doug says:
Doug says:
try again at munro@halflife2.net please?

[me: Aaaarrrrgghhhhh! Oh Nooooooooooooooooooooo!]

Doug says:
something meant to be coming through?
Doug says:
Come on Chris you can’t leave me like this :slight_smile:
chris says:
OK, so I realize that you are not actually Doug. Nice stunt :slight_smile: I’m
asking you to not share the comments which I made here in good faith
(believing that you were Doug). They are matters internal to Valve. I
think you’ve proved your point very nicely, and I’d appreciate your help
with this.
Doug says:
ah damn
Doug says:
all this juicy info and I can’t do anything with it ;(
chris says:
You’ve just succeeded in making an excellent point directly too a Steam
developer – I hope that would make you happy :slight_smile:
Doug says:
Sorry I thought you realised I was the thread starter and that Doug
didn’t have an account here :[
chris says:
No, I’m simply not allowed to make public comments – you’ll have to
talk to the real Doug Lombardi for that. Obviously I’ll be sharing
this with him – please email him at… wel you know the address :slight_smile:
Doug says:
Heh so I’ll get a very harsh slap if I should publish on the web then?
chris says:
That would not be helpful – please take it as read that you have made
the point you intended to make. Please don’t publish anything from this
Doug says:
I had the perfect exclusive then :slight_smile:
Doug says:
Any chance you could speak to the real Doug or Gabe or someone and get
them to send me some kind of info I can publish?
Doug says:
You sure I can’t publish this? :slight_smile:
chris says:
I’ll certainly ask them – and they’ll see the full transcript of this
exchange. Obviously I can’t promise anything, but you’ve certainly got
my attention anyway. Can you tell me anything about yourself?
Doug says:
I’m an handome young… ok maybe I shouldn’t go into that
chris says:
>>You sure I can’t publish this? Please don’t. I said things that I
simply would not have said under any circumstances if I’d known you did
not work at Valve.
Doug says:
I run halflife2.net, and try to keep up with the latest info :slight_smile:
chris says:
Well, you succeeded in giving me a near-death experience. I’ll send all
this to Gabe and Doug and see what they say.
chris says:
Got to sign off now.
Doug says:
I’m very sorry for misleading you
chris says:
No problem (cool stunt - first social engineering hack I’ve fallen for).
Just please don’t publish or share any of this.
Doug says:
I wont although I will be bursting to over the coming months
chris says:
Thanks - much appreciated.
Doug says:
my email addy is munro@halflife2.net should Gabe want to send any legal
threats etc
chris says:
He’s more likely to threaten me :slight_smile: You know how immenseley valuable
the community is to Valve. BTW I just looked at your site; thanks for
your support for HL-2 – I don’t think you’ll be disappointed :slight_smile:
Doug says:
Just blame it all on me, it was afterall my fault :slight_smile:


EDIT (par Axel) : euh. lol
EDIT: Faire des trop grand lol ça nique la mise en page des tableaux du forum, merci de ne pas abuser

arrete axelT j’ai trop mal au joue la !!! franchement, bien fait pour la geule a valve, ce que g aimé moi, c ver la fin quand Chris dit :“Je vous en prie, ne divulgez pas ces informations, ne les partagez pas non plus” et le hacker :“vous etes sur g pas le droit ? :)” dans sa tete : (mais il croi quoi ce con ? :twisted: